Part of the Solution

She created this amazing serving set with her own two hands! She should admire her hard work with a celebratory chip. manipulate margin maternal matrix metabolism metaphor microscope migrate modify moist molecule momentum monarch morphology nerve niche norm notate null nutrient oblige obsolete occupy odor option orbit orientate oscillate overlap parenthesis parliament passive peasant pendulum perpendicular perpetrate perpetual persist pervade pest plead pole pollution postulate pragmatic precede precipitate predict premise preposition presume prevail priority proceed proclaim procure prohibit propagate propensity proprietor prosper province provoke prudence psychology publish purport quote radius react rebel rectangle recur refute reign reinforce reject relevance submerged submersion submission submissive submit subordinate subordination subpoena subscribe subscriber subscription subsequent subsequently subservience subservient subside subsidiary subsidize subsidized subsidy subsist subsistence substance substance abuse substandard substantial substantially substantiate substitute substitution subterfuge subterranean subtitles subtle subtlety subtly subtract subtraction suburb suburban suburbia subversive subvert subway succeed success successful successfully succession successive successively successor succinct succinctly succor succulent succumb such suck sucker suction sudden suddenly suddenness suds sue suede suffer sufferer suffering suffice sufficiency sufficient sufficiently suffix suffocate suffocating suffocation sugar sugary suggest suggestible suggestion suggestive suggestively recent recognize replace rhythm Richard Robert safety ruler Sally setting shells Spain